Kompendium’s Candidate Career Tools

Gain a Competitive Advantage (ahead of hundreds or thousands of other applicants).

How do you stand out in a sea of applicants? It’s tough these days. So many talented people are entering the job market, looking for positions, and companies are hiring.

As an HR Professional with experience in multiple industries, I know what hiring managers are looking for and how they process applicants through their ATS or applicant tracking system.

If you have a resume that you need someone to review or want to have a stand-out LinkedIn account, I can help with both! We can design your resume together to shine above the rest! How do we do that? First, we will create custom tools like these that will highlight your strengths:

  • Tailor resume versions for each job opportunity 
  • Unique cover letters that resonate with their reader
  • Build-in keywords, so applicant tracking systems (ATS) select you first

Your resume will read smarter, look sharper, provide value, and show ROI to an employer or recruiter. 

Finally, we have a great tool called Grammarly that we use internally and recommend to our clients. This tool is for use for all of your resume documents, emails, and LinkedIn to ensure you use proper grammar and avoid overusing common words.

Get in touch if you have any questions and if you want to check out Grammarly, see my link here!

PS:  I used Grammarly for this Post!!


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