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Fractional Human Resources services provides small and medium-sized companies with the benefits of a Chief Human Resources Officer without the cost of a full-time salary. We can work with you as needed on projects, as well as be on call to help businesses with employee matters and help employees get what they need very quickly.

On-going Services we provide:

  • Align functional HR activities with strategic business objectives
  • Augment limited internal HR Resources
  • Coach up executives on HR Planning and Employee Relations
  • Create KPI, OKR, Performance Standards, Dashboards, and On-going Performance Management
  • Create Onboard Processes with built in retention strategies
  • Craft Staffing Plans to align with business planning for the next 12, 24, and 36 months as needed
  • Help employees on HR Issues

Project Services:

  • Audit HR Systems, Policies Procedures, and Handbooks to identify gaps
  • Help create action plans to update compliance and the employee experience
  • Review your business practices and standardize job descriptions, job postings, and benefits


  • Corrective Action processes, documentation, separation checklist and severance agreements sourcing
  • Dedicated passive candidate recruitment
  • Name generation
  • Competitor analysis


  • RFP process:
    • Applicant Tracking Systems
    • Human Resources Information Systems
    • Selection of the best fit Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Get in touch to discuss what we can accomplish together. We look forward to being a resource.

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