Talent Optimization

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Critical Team issues require attention. CEOs and business owners are busier than ever. Utilizing Talent Optimization and Kompendium’s consultative approach frees business leaders up to focus time and energy on the needs of the business.

Inspire a High Performing Team

Click the link for quick read of how companies are improving team performance with The Predictive Index. Learn how to quickly focus on what is important; Career Paths, Developing Leaders, Creating High Performing Teams, and Reinforcing your Culture


How to maintain company culture when teams are remote.

Only 51% of CEOs report that teams are working well. Most also report that teams are likely to remain remote for an extended period and in many cases permanently. Learn how The Predictive Index can help keep your culture alive to teams no longer inhabiting a common workspace with their colleagues.


DNA for High Performing Cultures.

This is a quick course on how leaders can use their secret source i.e. their unique Culture to perform at a high level.


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