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Leverage our experience with Talent Acquisition and Planning – using over 20-years of expertise in many industries, non-exempt to executive staff, and company maturity. We will help craft a plan to improve how an employee begins their career with you from their first interaction.

Talent Search – we provide all levels of service in Talent Search, including Name Generation, Sourcing Outreach, Active Recruiting, Applicant Tracking Optimization, and Onboarding enhancement.

Talent Development – Understanding that the attraction and retention part of being a manager is evolving, we can develop a plan to evaluate the capabilities you seek and currently have with your managers.

On-Demand Human Resources– We can provide an on-going Human Resources support to call for any of the services described and Tailored Offerings like those described below this caption.

HR Policy and Procedures – We will work with our clients to craft policies, procedures, and employee manuals that align with their business’s needs.

Tailored Offerings:

Full recruiting and workforce evolution planning – provide an evaluation and improvement recommendation of your current Recruiting Lifecycle.  We will review the Job Description Development, Employer Branding/Posting, Application Process, Interview Process, and Hiring/Onboarding.  When we understand your current state Recruiting Lifecycle, we will evaluate how this process’s effectiveness and efficiency.

Familiarity with the Recruiting Lifecycle is understood, we can move to Workforce Evolution planning.  Our Workforce Evolution process is a highly researched, referenced, and detailed candidate and marketing analysis.  Workforce Evolution works well during a business or strategic planning process.  Clients armed with this type of information will have the answers to how long it takes to hire, where their best staff originates, and how to replicate or adjust their plans according to business maintenance and growth plans.  This level of detail is fundamental as a business plan to expand into new markets.

University Relations – stand-alone or as an add-on to Recruiting Lifecycle and Workforce Evolution, we offer the ability to develop a market and candidate analysis to add University Relations as an essential and replenishable talent source for all domestic geographies.

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