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What are Fractional Human Resources services?

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It would help if you had an HR partner, on-demand, who’s accessible and connected to your team and business, but you’re not ready to bring one on full-time.

We work as your HR Department or augment your internal team using a hands-on approach.

All this without hiring a full-time human resources leader because we understand it might not be financially possible and likely unnecessary now.

Call us when you need us, ask for advice, get help with a challenging HR issue, and only have costs when you use us.  You will have peace of mind that we are only a call away when you need us.

If this sounds like an option you would like to explore, please call, or email us today!

Kurt D. Geiger, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, CDCS



kəmˈpendēəm – strategic Human Resources for small and growing businesses.

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